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The faster, fairer, fixed-price way to divorce and separate.

The average cost of sorting out your finances using a lawyer is over £8,000 per person. An amicable divorce starts from as little as £300.

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amicable is working with Channel4 on a ground breaking new documentary series with Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry. Grayson is looking to speak to people who are parting on amicable terms. Click here to find out more.

What is amicable?

amicable is a unique new approach to divorce and separation for couples. We understand the pain of separating, and offer a faster, fairer and fixed price service, focussed on a better outcome for your family. Divorcing with amicable can save you thousands of pounds.

money-icon Lawyer-led divorce
  • focus on individual, increased acrimony
  • complex and drawn out
  • uncertain, higher costs
 amicable divorce
  • support for the family, less damaging
  • simple steps, faster outcomes
  • lower costs with clear fixed-prices

How it works

friendly advice from a divorce expert

gather your info and make agreements with technology & support

finalised legal documentation

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why we
started amicable

Kate Daly - Divorce Expert (circle version of head shot)

Divorce Expert

Pip Wilson - CEO of amicable divorce (circle version of head shot)

Technology Entrepreneur

amicable exists to help separating couples create better outcomes for their families. By reducing the stranglehold of the legal profession, we can reduce the costs to individuals, families and society as a whole.

We created amicable after Kate’s traumatic and expensive divorce. The cost and the emotional damage of involving lawyers was a huge shock. The world needed a solution that put families first and helped parents remain on good terms…our solution is amicable.